Harmony Gear Bow Flotation Bag: Kayak: Vinyl, Silver, Long Fits 10'-13'

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Float bags enhance on-water safety with sit-inside kayaks. They are inserted in the bow and/or stern areas of the kayak and then inflated with air.  Our kayaks are naturally buoyant and designed for stability, but, in the event that the boat capsizes or unexpectedly takes on water, properly installed float bags displace areas of the kayak with air instead of water making it easier to right the boat.

The Long Float Bow bag by Harmony Gear is a single replacement bag for the bow of 10 ft - 13 ft kayaks. These bags are designed to be used as a set to accommodate center walls and a second bag is required to achieve proper flotation. Only one bag is included and two bags are needed to achieve proper flotation.

Constructed of vinyl, this float bag is constructed of temperature-regulating colored material making it less likely to burst on hot, sunny days.  A twist valve on the inflation hose ensures a positive seal and a high capacity dump valve allows for easy deflation.  Tie-ins are isolated from the air holding cell so that a tear out will be limited to the anchor.

Dimensions (for an inflated bag):

  • Length: 2 ft / 0.61 m
  • Width: 10 in/ 25 cm
  • Weight: 14 oz/ 397 g
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