Cotton Cordell Bomber Long A Shallow Runner Minnow

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Long A fishing lures have a trademark tight wiggle and rolling movement that create a life-like swimming action. Bomber Long A minnow lures produce the same seductive action whether fished with a slow retrieve on top or at a faster trolling speed using a downrigger.

The molded-in lip design in these fishing lures gives them added strength and true- running performance. Put them in your fishing tackle for fishing bass, walleye, pike, speckled trout, redfish, and striped bass.

B15A The Bomber Long A 15 is a staple trolling lure in walleye fishing country. It's also a very effective jerkbait for black bass.

  • Size: 4 1/2" (11.9 cm)
  • Weight: 1/2 oz (13.0 g)
  • Hook Size: Three #4 Tx3
  • Cranking Depth: 2 - 3 ft
  • Trolling Depth: 4 - 8 ft
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