Thermarest Trail Pro Large Air Mattress

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Added Warmth: Diagonal-cut foam increases warmth without adding weight. Superior Comfort: Two inches (5 cm) of supportive loft, plus a semi-rectangular shape that offers gapless coupling of mattresses. Lightweight: Our exclusive vacuum-poured Atmos™ Foam keeps weight to a minimum while delivering exceptional packability. Self-Inflating: Expanding foam core self-inflates; top off with just a few breaths for personalized firmness. Colour: Olive R-Value: 4.0 Weight: 2 lbs 8 oz / 1.12 k Width: 25 in / 63 cm Length: 77 in / 196 cm Thickness: 2 in / 5 cm Packed dimension: 13 x 6.7 / 33 x 18 Volume: 3850 cu. in Top fabric type: 75d Polyester Core: Diagonal Punched Urethane Foam
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